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You hover above a mound of reef

watching the fish darting in and out of the coral 

as you admire the brilliant colors below you...

Don't you wish you could hang there forever?

But you know your pleasure here is limited to the air in your scuba tank. Once you suck that bottle dry you must leave the underwater realm until another time.

If you're like me you want to make your scuba air last as long as possible, so you can dive over the reef, or through a wreck, longer.

If your diving quest is longer dives check out this information for air saving methods and breathing techniques that minimize your diving air usage. You'll find that info at "How To Save Air While Scuba Diving."

Pay a visit to scuba books for informational products to make your diving activities more fun and safe.

Read about my diving adventures (and some of my mental musings) at Articles And News.

When the time comes for buying your scuba gear I recommend that you get all your life support equipment from your local dive shop. After all as far as dive gear goes, they are the experts. But if you know what you want, or if you're looking for some basic gear, you might satisfy your quest through my affiliate links for scuba diving equipment.

Satisfy your diving desires by paying me a visit at Scuba Diving Underwater Adventurer.

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