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“You Step Out And Take Your First Deep Breath Of The Fresh Air In The Early Morning -- Your Fresh, Steaming Cup Of Coffee In Hand.


Off To The East You See The First Rays Of The

Rising Sun…A Bright Forecast To Your Coming Day.


You Look Toward The Fire Pit, Soon You’ll Hear And Smell Sizzling

Bacon And Your Mouth Waters As Your Mind Remembers

The Taste Of Breakfast Cooked Over An Open Fire.


Once More You’ve Made Your Escape To The Wilderness – Left

The Duties And Schedules Of Your Working Life

Behind – And Given Your Mind Permission To Run Free…”



Hear that?


It calls to you…as you watch the sunbeams floating to your kitchen table as you drink your morning cup of coffee.


It’s on the breeze…caressing you as you step out the door heading for work.


It whispers in your mind…as you organize your day’s activities.


It’s that little voice of nature that murmurs – Let’s go camping…


Not much doubt of what you have planned for your weekends.


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