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Indomitable Spirit and Shadow


Isn’t it nice to pull into your campsite and just plug in?



No tent to pitch…your bed is already made and ready for you when you’re ready for it. Just plug in your landlines, and you’re ready to go exploring.

You look forward to visiting with your fellow travelers around the campfire in the evening. Soon you’re listening to their stories, stories that entertain and inform.

Perhaps you’ll make a note to visit the place where this family just came from. You’ve never been there, but listening to them talk about it you get the feeling it’s a marvelous sightseeing opportunity.

This guy found a unique solution to a problem he had with his motor coach, and you store the information away for future reference.

It’s a different life out here - peaceful, and sociable. Not like those times you spent the night in a motel…everybody shut up in their rooms for the night. No camaraderie there, just a lonely moment during your trip.

Yes, out here you’re surrounded by friends – friends who readily lend a hand when you need help – friends who gladly tell the stories of their travels…the good times, and the bad.

Friends you can always count on to be there.

So have some information of your own to pass on to your friends at the campground. Steer them toward the Free Spirit  RV & camping website, and help magnify the value of their experience on the road.

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