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"Is Spending Time Outdoors Your Idea Of 

How To Relax?

Does Your Mind Fill With Thoughts Of Drifting Lazily Down A Stream In A Kayak Or Canoe (Or Shooting A Brisk Rapid, Navigating Through The Rocks Like Threading A Needle)?

Do You Spend Your Free Time 

Fishing Or Camping?”

Maybe You Prefer Strapping On The Scuba Diving Gear And Floating Over A Reef -- Watching A Clown Fish At Play?

Helping You Enjoy Those Outdoor Activities Is The Reason I founded Free Spirit Enterprises.

From informational books, articles, and reports to equipment that makes your recreational experiences more enjoyable, to tools that help you earn a little extra spending money...So you can get away to play more often.


Dear Outdoor Lover,

If you spend your free time in the water, on the water, under the water…in the woods and/or at the might just find information on this website that interests you.. 

Here's why: 

As you browse this page, you'll find links to stories and reports about my outdoor activities, reviews about products that I test that help make your visit to nature more comfortable (and more interesting), and helpful hints to make your play time more relaxing and fun.

Just because we sometimes take pleasure in "roughing it" doesn't mean we always have to settle for "toughing it." 

Sure, you go outdoors to get away from the stresses of your working life, but you want to enjoy that outdoor experience -- don't you? 

Do you like to camp? I started the same way most of us start, camping in tents (at times I just spread a sleeping bag or a blanket on the ground and slept with the stars as my roof). Some of us enjoy rough camping so much that we never consider doing it any other way. Today I prefer traveling in my recreational vehicle, but I still pitch the tent on sandbars when I kayak down a river or stream for a 3- to 5-day adventure.

If you're happier in the water, look for a link to my aqua-related pursuits. When I’m not camping, my get-a-ways usually involve water activities like the kayaking I mentioned.

Strapping a scuba tank on my back gives me my most in-water fun times now, but I own fond memories of diving boards, body surfing and snorkeling. (Some of my scuba trips even blend camping and fishing into the event for added pleasure. And my camping trips usually include some sort of water pleasure.)

If you're a diver too, read my articles on underwater adventures.

Do you love floating a stream, exploring a lake, paddling on the ocean, or fishing? You'll find kayak & canoe information on my camping website. I still pitch the tent on my favorite kayak trips, when I spend days on the creek or a lake, well away from any motor vehicle access. 

A week floating down a stream or exploring the boundary waters between the USA and Canada, stopping each night on a sandbar or an island along the way. I love those special places you can’t get to without a paddle. 

Perhaps my experience at packing a week’s worth of equipment (and those pieces of equipment that help me do it) into a one-person kayak will interest you.

Lounging around the campfire I often play with radio control toys. I enjoy challenging myself to dream up different layouts, and testing my driving skills with difficult obstacle courses. 

If creating RC scenarios, such as monster truck rally courses, small towns and big cities, or race tracks, sounds like fun my radio control websites might interest you. Click on these links for more information on remote control trucks, remote control cars, remote control airplanes and helicopters, RC construction toys, and remote control boats. And you can also find a variety of all types of RC models at Radio Control Toys.

If you take your home on wheels with you when you go…there's an RV Living section on the site for you. There I provide information, and tools, that makes your home-away-from-home experience more fun. 

I find contentment when I tent camp, I always have, but when I have the option I take off in the "Indomitable Spirit." You'll find a picture of her on my RV Living page. 

Traveling in the RV not only increases my comfort, and comfort gets more important to me every year, but also gives me more time to appreciate my environment. (It doesn’t take me as long to set up the RV as it does the tent.) I just park, plug in, and take off exploring.

Whatever method you use to get your open-air pleasure I hope you’ll find some things to help you at my different websites. 

I author many of the articles myself. Some items on the individual websites are common to the other outdoor sites. Occasionally I find items we rarely use or see in the natural environment. 

I found this stuff gives more pleasure and ease to my out-of-doors life. 

Go check out those sites that you find interesting, maybe you’ll find something that strikes you with one of those AHA! moments -- brings on those “Wow, isn’t that special?” thoughts.

And if you have ideas about things I can add to my collection of tools for intensifying our love of nature, leave me a comment at my contact page, and I’ll give it my personal attention. 

(If you don't see a link here for a subject area you want to look at the site is still under construction, and I apologise. Keep checking back. I'll have it up in the near future.)

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